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Letter from the owner

It all started with a toy RC car not even a hobby grade. My parents purchased a toy RC car with a cable attached to the remote, later that year I received a gift also toy RC car however this one had an actual wireless remote. I really like the power and looks of the first one but wanted the wireless capabilities of the new one. You can probably tell where this is going. With some trial and error I was able to make the wired RC car into a wireless. I was hooked on modifications. I must have removed and replaced all sorts of parts on that thing. Some time after I went away to summer camp and when I returned my mother threw away my RC cars. I was shocked and could not understand why? I asked my mother why she would throw away all my RC cars, she said to me "They where in pieces, they where broken." Till this day I could not get my mother to understand this was part of the hobby. Luckily I got to purchase my first hobby grade RC car (with birthday money). Here is where I really started to understand how to modify and customize my vehicles. Fast forward in the years I have built multiple electronic street, off-road, cars, trucks, and motorcycles. In 2014 I started to focus on drone builds from scratch, I started a drone e-commerce site focused on FPV that ended up doing so well I sold it to a larger company. 2019 I moved away from drones and put my focus back into electric RC cars and trucks. The hobby is getting all kinds of new and improved vehicles and with the customization capabilities of 3D printing and micro manufacturing scale crawlers are a very hot topic. Thank you for reading my story.